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How a Book is Born: The Publishing Process – A Video Series

Ever wonder about all the actual steps involved in creating and publishing a book? I have — and often wonder if I left out steps in my planning 🙂

Well, tonight’s post introduces a free, informative and entertaining  video series put together by New York Times bestselling author Lauren Oliver and Harper Collins. Go behind the scenes and follow the book publishing process from start to finish in a seven-video series for book lovers, students, and aspiring writers.

This series covers:

Episode 1:
Developing the Idea

Episode 2:
Writing the Story

Episode 3:
Editing the Book

Episode 4:
Creating the Art

Episode 5:
Proofing the Story

Episode 6:
Printing the Book

Episode 7:
Reading the Book

Hope you enjoy the series and learn something new — Click here for videos

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