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Hearst Publishing Introduces ‘culture of innovation’

Hearst Publishing has come up with a novel idea that I thought was around since the beginning of good business…Mainly that of seeking and listening to good ideas from your own employees!…And, most importantly, rewarding those personnel with good ideas properly.

Great track to be on…funny Hearst is just discovering this innovative concept!

Jason Fell reports this in FOLIO magazine:

One of the biggest players in consumer magazine publishers is looking inward for inspiration.

As Hearst gears up to launch its mobile application think tank the App Lab, the publisher Thursday announced the creation of Hearst Innovation—an internal, company-wide effort aimed at creating new business ideas and improving communication.

According to Frank A. Bennack, Hearst’s vice chairman and CEO, the initiative “creates a pathway for us to discover, develop and reward great new business ideas from the best source available—our own employees—while supporting a company culture of creativity and collaboration.”

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