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Update on B&N’s Self-Publishing Portal ‘Pubit!’

An update giving publishing time-frames and author royalties for the Barnes and Noble self-publishing platform Pubit!

For background on Pubit! please refer to my previous posts RE Pubit! : Barnes and Noble Jumping into Self-Publishing! and Barnes & Noble Trumps Amazon with ‘Pubit’ Self-Publishing Platform reports these Pubit! updates:

The broadly expanding e-reader arena has opened doors for a string of
innovations. Barnes & Noble further extends it by launching the PubIt!, a self
publishing portal that enables independent writers and publishers to distribute
their content. This self-service Web portal comes with no hidden costs, allowing
qualified content owners to deliver their work across millions of new readers.

Barnes & Noble now adds tens of thousands of titles from numerous independent
publishers and self-publishing writers who have pre-registered for the service.
The titles have been incorporated into Barnes & Noble’s expansive eBookstore.
The PubIt! content that is newly submitted will be put up for sale within 24 to
72 hours after upload.

“We’re delighted at the enthusiastic response we’ve received from thousands of
independent writers and publishers who are eager to introduce their exciting
works to a broader audience of readers,” said Theresa Horner, director, digital
products, Barnes & Noble. “The launch of our PubIt! platform further reinforces
our long-standing commitment to authors and writers, and offers a significant
opportunity to provide an even greater selection of reading material to our
millions of customers.”

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Barnes and Noble Jumping into Self-Publishing!

Why not B&N in the self-publishing world? Everybody else and their brothers are flying to this forecasted-to-be-explosive field!

From Publishers Weekly (PW) Industry News:

Barnes & Noble is entering the self-publishing business with the summer launch of PubIt! by Barnes & Noble that will allow independent publishers and self-publishing writers to distribute their works digitally through Barnes & and the Barnes & Noble eBookstore. Publication and distribution will be limited to digital works with no sales through the B&N stores. The company said it will release details of the royalty model and compensation process at a later date.

To distinguish itself from other companies offering digital self-publishing services, B&N is highlighting access through the Nook and other devices compatible with the ePub format. “As a company that has achieved much of its success by building mutually beneficial relationships with publishers and authors, Barnes & Noble’s new PubIt! service represents an exciting evolution and significant opportunity in the digital content arena,” said Theresa Horner, director, Digital Products, Barnes & Noble. “Barnes & Noble is uniquely positioned to support writers and publishers and bring their exciting digital works to the broadest audience of readers anywhere.”

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