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Is Wylie Agency’s Foray into Publishing a Conflict of Interest?

If you think Shakespeare, pictured below, is confused trying to use a computer in the modern world, how about the confusion of publishers, authors, agents and booksellers in the new digital publishing world!

The debut of digital publishing has sparked an atmosphere in which authors, publishers, agents and booksellers are fighting amongst themselves, blurring their old-core missions and scrambling around looking for the best future bottomline after losing the old bottomline!

Case in point: Literary agent Wylie becoming a publisher through Amazon…

But, is Wylie in conflict of interest with their author clients? Could be, so authors be forewarned! If Wylie is dealing as a publisher will they be looking out for their interests or those of the author clients?

Now this is a conundrum that can be worked out, I believe, but it hasn’t yet…Presents an interesting problem to be solved, no?

HILLEL ITALIE, AP National Writer, wrote a great article addressing this point for ABC News/Entertainment at

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